Website Development

Concept – Layout Design – Creation – Content Development – Initial Soft Launch & Testing
– Live Website – Performance Analysis – Branding & Marketing Strategy implementation - Content Updates

We offer complete turnkey solutions tailored to specific business web development program needs. VISROX-iTech department specializes in customized website design, static & dynamic responsive website development, E-commerce solutions, Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly websites, Web & Mobile based Applications built for all platforms.

VISROX-iTech department focuses on delivering optimal solutions to best fit with our clients needs, wants and aspirations. Thus, enabling businesses to reduce operational and start-up costs. We design technological solutions specifically with end user accessibility, ease of navigation, platform maintenance and content updating in mind.

Website & I.T Solutions

Providing premium high quality IT services is paramount to VISROX-iTech department. Our team web development team with 13 years plus Canadian information technology market expertise takes the necessary time to fully understand each client’s individual business requirements.

1.Text responsive website design.
2. Website Hosting & URL registration.
3. Search Engine Optimization.
4. Social Media business pages and content management.
5. Apple mobile phone business Apps.
6. Android mobile phone business Apps.
7. Online Branding & Marketing strategy development, implementation and results based analysis.
8. Management of multi-platform updates and content development synced with the firms overall branding and marketing strategy.
9. (POS) Point of sale payment processing terminals and software to process credit cards, debt cards and master card.

At VISROX-iTech we are delighted to serve as your businesses digital media design, branding & marketing innovator. We specialize @ creating digital platforms to enhance brand awareness and develop brand advocates through our customer centered approach. Each of our business partners branding and marketing strategies are geared towards maximizing and measuring customer interactions with your virtual brand identity and physical products or service range. Our team of experts tailor our offering to the specific needs of your business. Utilizing the full array of our PoS technology & software we can offer seamless payment integration and processing solutions for credit/debit or master-card clients. Our team of experts tailors our offering to the specific needs of your business. Utilizing social media forums/ websites, business/personal websites, Apple & Android software for laptops/ tablets/ iPad’s/ smart phones apps we will exceed your expectations.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization represents a key component of a successful business growth development strategy. SEO centers around providing high quality content specific to your business sector target markets, products or service offering and customer preferences. Understanding all these factors is essential to framing your SEO strategy correctly to improve website traffic and drive consumption.

Ultimately SEO helps your website achieve a better search engine ranking. When implemented correctly it makes it easier for potential consumers to find your company either directly by name or indirectly when searching for products or services.

Branding & Marketing
Graphical Design Team

VISROX-iTech is delighted to be able to provide our partners with access to some of the best branding and marketing designers in Canada. Our team of graphic designers specialize in creating bespoke designs catering to all your business digital and print requirements.

We can assist in the realization of concepts ideas for business names, logos, taglines mascots etc or generate from scratch a clear brand identity that resonates with your business products or services. VISROX-iTech offers our branding expertise and excellent quality design services at a fair price that works with in tandem with your budget to deliver quantifiable results.

Social Media Managment
Development Strategy


 Setup & Updated verified Owner business profile.
 Setup verified Business profile.
 Owner personal profile visibility and privacy settings adjustment
 Profile visibility and privacy settings for employees.
 Employee job title roles and responsibility linked to business profile.
 Complete business profile page including verification, mapping, products and services.
 Daily interest story postings.

 Setup & Updated verified Owner business profile.
 Setup verified Business profile.
 Employee profiles.
 Following Industry specific profiles domestic and foreign.
 Following Industry specific competitors domestic and foreign.
 Daily interest story postings.

 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 Setup verified owner’s business profile.
 Link and approve employee job titles.

 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 Fill with content and post update weekly.

 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 All business details and services outlined.
Yellow Pages.
 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 All business details and services outlined.
Google business profile.
 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 All business details and services outlined.

Google Maps.
 Setup & Updated verified business profile.
 All business details and services outlined.

Mobile Applications
IOS & Android Development

Throughout the mobile application development life cycle our primary focus is geared towards delivering exceptional, interactive experience to your business application end users. Our VISROX-iTech mobile application development team is geared towards providing superior functionality, simplicity of use and steadfast reliability.

We aim to not only satisfy our clients requirements and expectations but to exceed them every time. Our goal is to develop mobile applications that incorporate the latest technologies to meet today’s challenging business environment. While positioning your business to take advantage of emerging mobile application solutions and features.

Our mobile application development team contains technical experts specializing in mobile UX/UI design, IOS App development, Android App development and back-end mobile App development. Enabling your business to offer customers mobile application experiences that generate wow factor responses and achieve marketplace standout among your competitor’s offerings.