VISROX-PoS Department

Vice President & Head of VISROX-PoS Department

M.S Electrical Engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

Utilizing the full array of our PoS technology & software we can offer seamless payment integration and processing solutions for credit/debit or master-card clients. Our team of experts tailors our offering to the specific needs of your business.
Marketing Director VISROX-PoS

Marketing Director at VISROX-PoS Payment Solutions #POS. Focused on finding the best payments solutions for our valued B2B and B2C independent retailers.

Business Analysts VISROX-PoS Department

VISROX-PoS Department

Pride myself on delivering customized and cost effective PoS plus e-commerce payment solutions for small to medium sized business.
VISROX-PoS Department

Driven to provide my clients with plug-and-play PoS solutions that guarantee improved profit returns by lowering the cost base rates. Our VISROX-PoS payment solutions are easy to setup, as well as providing fast and secure payment transactions.
VISROX-PoS Department

Passionate about reducing your in-store customer line-ups bu providing increased payment efficiency software solutions, Our counter-top PoS payment processing solutions offer exceptional performance speeds with the latest in security technology.

Marketing Managers VISROX-PoS Department

VISROX-PoS Department
VISROX-PoS Department
VISROX-PoS Department

VISROX-iTech Department

Head of VISROX-iTech Department

Master’s of Business Studies (M.B.S) Retail Management, Dublin Institute of Technology (D.I.T), Ireland.

At Visrox Smart Solutions our information technology department understands the challenges facing company's striving to retain customer loyalty, develop brand recognition and grow market share. All while remaining relevant to customers in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Our mission is to provide a virtual bridging platform between traditional fixed location business/ service providers and the online digital marketplace. Enabling our business partners to interact with existing customer bases plus new segments of the market in a coordinated, measured & coherent manner.

Utilizing social media forums/ websites, business/personal websites, Apple & Android software for laptops/ tablets/ iPad’s/ smart phones apps we will exceed your expectations.
I.T Analyst VISROX-iTech Department

At VISROX-iTech we are delighted to serve as your businesses digital media design, branding & marketing innovator. We specialize @ creating digital platforms to enhance brand awareness and develop brand advocates through our customer centered approach. Each of our business partners branding and marketing strategies are geared towards maximizing and measuring customer interactions with your virtual brand identity and physical products or service range. Our team of experts tailor our offering to the specific needs of your business.